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How we work

At the heart of our business is our belief that good marketing practice is grounded in authenticity. For us, this means making sure that the activities we recommend to you – along with the language and imagery we use in communicating your messages – are ones that reflect the nature of who you are and where you want to be as a business. We believe that this helps you to create genuine, meaningful connections with your clients and peers.

We begin with a detailed discussion to quickly get to grips with your situation and the aims for your business. From there, we’ll rapidly develop an understanding of the priorities, agree an action plan (and a budget), then select a team with the relevant expertise to get on with the job.

We work closely with you to maximise your marketing investment – liaising with relevant personnel within your firm, current suppliers and introducing new service providers where required. We are also very happy to work alongside any in-house resources or existing service providers you may already have.

To make communication easier, we provide one main point of client contact from Fedora to take on a project management role. Your client contact will liaise closely with any associate(s) and co-ordinate communications to ensure that your projects proceed efficiently and within budget and that you are kept appropriately informed on progress.

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