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Client Feedback Services

What do your clients really think? What do they want?

Client feedback services

Did you know there is a strong correlation between client satisfaction and revenue? Through dialogue with your existing clients, you can find out why they choose you over others. Importantly, you can also identify areas where there is an opportunity for them to put more business your way, and what would make them more (or less) likely to recommend you to others.

Likewise, research can help you direct your business towards meeting the real needs of prospective clients. If you can identify the issues, and then act on them, the outcomes can include improved fee income/revenue, improved client relations and an improved reputation.

At Fedora, we use client feedback services to help you gain valuable information and use it to advance your business.

Client insights pilot

From £395. When it comes to client feedback, in our experience, clients are happy to tell a third party views they won’t tell a supplier or service provider directly. The information obtained by an approved, independent third party is always more valuable and in-depth than most businesses’ own feedback processes. If you don’t know what you don’t know about your clients and what they really think of you, now is the time to find out by taking part in our ‘Client insights’ Pilot.

  • The methodology is proven in a number of different industry sectors and can help you leverage the relationship with your clients. We can provide case studies with real-life examples of the difference this service makes in terms of quality of feedback.
  • It is a simple process to get the pilot set up – we call 10 of your clients – selected by you – to get their feedback on your service.  Do note that to get the most valuable information we recommend you select a cross-section of clients. Their comments can remain anonymous or be attributed to them. You can then respond personally to those who are happy to be contacted.
  • Law firms – you canconfidently outsource conducting Client Satisfaction Interviews to a third party – our telephone research partners are either governed by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and/or registered under the Data Protection Act. Click here to find out more.
A Google seller rating for your business

Enabling you to promote your reputation through a visual representation of a star rating that shows up in Google’s search results at the point where a potential client is actively looking for a product or service. The star rating displays in relevant search results and measured in terms of click thru’s.

Fedora provides a complete service for clients

From set-up to ongoing administration – and works with one of the leading online review collection and administration companies. Their procedures are verified by Google and enable the visual representation to be created from the rating and be displayed in the search results. This happens once 30 verified reviews with an average score of over 3.5 out of 5 have been received.

  • For law firms that are Lexcel compliant a bespoke questionnaire is developed that meets both your compliance requirements and the service provider’s verification processes.
Customer research

The unsung hero of marketing. In consumer markets, investment in research is a well-established discipline and an integral part of any effective new product development process. Customer or client feedback is a most valuable commodity and will help increase your marketing effectiveness. Their likes and dislikes, the best time to contact them, their authority and influence are some of the keys to knowing them ‘one-to-one.’

  • Research into your competitors is also vital as it helps you benchmark your organisation within the industry it operates in. And of course, looking at what’s going on in the marketplace (both generally and locally) can help you make sure you keep your finger on the pulse.
  • Research can help you make more informed decisions about the strategic direction of your business. When embarking on research, you need a combination of opinion-based (qualitative) and statistical (quantitative) research techniques.
Customer data analysis

Identifying opportunities to build client/customer loyalty, retention and acquisition strategies. Insight marketing is an approach that uses data you provide (in an Excel/csv document) about your customers/clients to develop bespoke, targeted and relevant strategies to retain them and find more.

For law firms In the B2B sector two overriding aspects combine to enable intelligent marketing.

  • Client profile – clear understanding of the type of clients providing key revenue streams to the business.
  • Client value – the precise monetary value of different client groups.

Together, this understanding helps identify the profile of loyal, high value clients and differentiate these from those that are more transient and generate less income. With this knowledge marketing activities can be developed to target them in the most appropriate way for a range of purposes.

  • Loyal clients – nurture and maintain loyalty.
  • Transient clients – encourage engagement and ensure they don’t become ‘lapsed’.
  • ‘Lapsed’ – former clients that can be reactivated.

For each group a business case can be built to place a cost per client to deliver appropriate strategies based on a financial return on marketing investment (in terms of expected revenue). This ensures that the right customers get the right message at the right time with targeted objectives with the following aims:

  • Up-sell – maximising customer loyalty and purchase potential
  • Cross-sell – driving revenue through associated services and product lines
  • Retention – minimising attrition and re-activating lapsed customers
  • Acquisition – finding new customers

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