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Successful marketing is about managing a process and getting the best out of those resources involved. Remember – It’s as vital as fee earning itself. Get the marketing basics right. 

To maximise your chances of success, these are the basics that your firm will need to establish:

  • Are you looking to attract new clients or getting more from existing ones?
  • Who will be taking responsibility for marketing in your firm?
  • This may well depend on the structure of your firm – will it be a marketing partner (or partners), marketing committee or a separate marketing manager? This or these will need to be appointed.
  • What authority or decision-making ability will those involved have in order to implement the agreed plan?
  • What resources will be needed and, importantly, what budget has been agreed?
  • You need a transparent budget that is not exclusively for senior fee earners; – get more junior client-facing staff ‘on message’ and out networking. A subscription to a local networking group and couple of cups of coffee each month is not going to break the bank.
  • Next, communication internally to help get ‘buy-in’ and a collective commitment from your team is vital.
  • Lastly – how will you measure its success?

These are all obvious questions maybe. But they are often overlooked. Next time we’ll take a look at some specific issues that affect many law firms.

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