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Marketing Project Management

We co-ordinate and implement a broad range of bespoke marketing campaigns and activities to support your business goals.

Marketing project management

Too often, we see firms struggling to get the most out of their marketing efforts. Often, they have tried many one-off initiatives, none of which seem to have brought in the businesses they anticipated.  Or, the demands of the everyday have meant that they are so busy dealing with the work they already have that they don’t have the time (or people) to focus on activities to encourage more of the kind of business they want.

At Fedora, we believe in an integrated approach to marketing.  We can co-ordinate and manage a range of marketing initiatives – from long-term campaigns to one-off projects.  We work with you to ensure that your activities complement each other and support your overall business goals and can either act as your ‘outsourced marketing department’ or alongside your existing marketing resource.

With one main point of contact for your project, we provide an efficient, cost-effective way of making your marketing investment work for you.  Contact Fedora for help with:


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