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Strategic Marketing Planning

We look at the bigger picture and help you plan an integrated marketing strategy.

Strategic marketing planning

Where are you now? Where would you like to be? How can you get there?

Addressing these questions will help to identify and define key issues and priorities for your organisation. From this base, you can direct your marketing effort to focus on activities that will help your firm succeed.

Fedora can work with you to develop a strategic marketing plan that truly supports your business goals. This includes preparing Lexcel-compliant plans for Law Firms. In addition to our ongoing strategic consultancy, our strategy projects include:

Overall Marketing Audit – an impartial, dedicated audit of your business, avoiding the bias that may occur from a purely ‘in-house’ evaluation. The marketing audit develops clarity about your firm’s current situation, its future direction and the role that marketing will play. Includes:


  • An initial review of your firm’s current activities, services offered and existing customers/clients
  • Identification of opportunities and threats to take into account when developing a marketing plan
  • Analysis of competitors and environmental changes that may affect your marketing strategy

Putting Values into Words – a review of ‘the client journey’ from initial awareness of your firm, through their relationship with you to the conclusion of the matter. Through this project, we identify the key messages (aligned with the values of the firm) and communications activities that will help enhance your client’s experience of your service. Includes:


  • An assessment of current promotional materials and online marketing activities
  • Reality check of company values and internal understanding
  • Recommendations for the key messages for communications
  • Recommendations for communications activities to articulate your business strategy

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